Hey y’all. So:


Now to bring you up to speed: Seer Group, aka, our friends behind the Boston-ish Grinding Tapes label, has put together a full-length of their own devious doing. Disclosure here’s that we personally know much of the crew involved on this one, second thing is that this one certainly took a heck of a long time to put together, and was certainly effort that paid off. We think so, anyway.
So why are we throwing up this link to a space-trippy, pop turbo-charged album that came out a couple months ago? Well, ’cause we want you guys to keep open that first Wed. night in June. They’ve somehow managed some time between putting out tiny mtns and The Points North releases to put on a full, spacetastic ultra-stellar show here at the Middle East in Cambridge. There’s a whole slew of Boston-area bands in attendance, and we wanted to give you guys a heads-up on this album, let you check it out in time to check in to the show. Make sure you ask your parents about extending your curfew, ’cause it’s 8p -12:30a.
What are you waiting for! This stuff’s totally nebular (???). Go put it in your ears, and hopefully we’ll see you there,

PS parts of Owlpine were featured in this brilliant, life-changing film linked here

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