So! Fellow New Englanders, not only has Wilco been added to the NFF lineup on Friday night (check out, but Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes, Mystic Valley Band, et al) has another, later Friday night show at the Jane Pickens Theater because, well, he’s at the Folk Fest and apparently has time to kill. It’s a charming little venue (emphasis on ‘little’), and we very very greatly suspect these tickets will sell out incredibly quickly; check it out right here. The tics go on sale this Friday, and we’re gonna scramble downtown to pick up a pair. Strongly suggested you folks who are checking out the Folk Fest consider this show, too, while you have a chance.
For those of you not terribly familiar with downtown Newport, it’s not at the festival stomping grounds: follow Broadway going south, stay stuck in traffic for a while, and when it takes a bend to the right, it’s technically within sight. But you probably won’t see it past the park, so, por favor, google it so you aren’t wandering around for half an hour! Its camouflage is part of the local charm, yeah.
Keep on a-rockin’,

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