So you’re right. You spotted them right away; good for you. It’s an exercise in your ability to count to five. But seriously, we hope the new system this year will give you a better idea of what’s your money’s worth.

Another change we want to bring to you: another writer. What…?! Wouldn’t that person have to be mad as well? Well… perhaps, but mostly, they just need the following:
-A brief introductory email
-2-3 samples, either interviews or CD reviews in the same style
-The ability to subdue a small, rabid mongoose

So shoot it to that email address up above in the webpage heading. Keep in mind: it’s not for pay, but you’ll get music and a byline. If you’re not in the business, a ‘byline’ means you’ll get credit for what you write. Yeah. Credit.
Let the wild application process start!

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