Shapes Stars Make – “These Mountains Are Safe”
-out Jan 19
3 / 5

Dallas-based Shapes Stars Make approach the music-listening world with their first full-length, “These Mountains Are Safe.” This music is spacious, paced, gradual, and in some ways, slow. But hear us out: for the more ambient-minded, this may be the right pace of rock for you. Nonetheless, it feels restrained, and not always in a good way; the music presented here is perfect for that penultimate track to that conceptual album where you need to space out just a bit before the ending. But as is, “Mountains” doesn’t supply much of an arc or variety enough for many repeated listens, though it has enough merit for the occasional in-the-mood spin. Good for the fan of the slow-build, but otherwise a bit simple and ponderous. Pleasant, but take a pass.

Listen to “Le Dodici”:

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