World’s End Press – Self-Titled
-out now
3 / 5

The Melbourne, Australian dance/pop quartet may funkify their beats on their full-length debut, but we are very picky with our funk bass. The chaps go all out, with a setlist a little over an hour, and while some of the tracks here are good, we don’t find them especially brilliant. And when it comes to dance, it needs to be brilliant. The baker’s dozen of tracks does show some life, and they groove right, but we don’t find them to have quite enough energy or strong enough writing to truly captivate us.

Of the tracks we recommend, check out their single “Reformation Age.” It has such a cool chorus that we don’t mind it’s not the danciest-beateriffic track on the disc. And on this disc, you will often find funkadilly-o bass (“Salvation,” “Drag Me Home”), though certainly not up to the standards of Victor Wooten. Still, there are some enjoyable moments on here, some passable moments; and overall, we’ve found that in two weeks of listening, World’s End Press does really leave much of an impression on us. It’s not bad, but simply not worth the time or money, considering Franz Ferdinand’s Tonight is only a couple clicks away.

So we’re suggesting you pass on this debut. It’s got some good things going for it, but ultimately it’s not all that spectacular.

Check out the Australians on Soundcloud.

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