Analog Moon – Ascent and the Secret There Below
Circuit Rider Productions
-out now!
3.5 / 5

With a little twang of country does Asheville, NC’s Analog Moon release their second full-length. On “Ascent and the Secret There Below,” pop is ultimately the flavor of the day, especially on “Soda City,” replete with falsetto in the chorus and a great, driving beat. The self-described “band of ideas” has good ones throughout, and has obviously taken time and care to hone them down. The moments of weakness are when the whetstone of editing (how’s that for a metaphor?) has ground down a little too far, and not left enough room for these strong ideas to flourish a little bit. The proof is in the pudding right on the opening track, “True Secrets of the Wiser,” which feels like it’s missing a guitar lick and maybe a bit of instrumental layering. Otherwise, you get a track like “The Hillside Cries for Carmen Fry,” with good balance, good vocals, and a good presence. A good, but not great, album; still recommended.

Listen to “Soda City”:

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