Body Parts – Fire Dream
Father/Daughter Records
-out today
3.5 / 5

Every now and then, we get completely sucked into a good dance/pop album. Fire Dream holds that kind of promise as an 80s inspired, uptempo pop album infused with catchy hooks, great choruses, and a pounding dance beat. We like it. Does it blast us out of our seat? Not quite; but the Los Angeles duo’s debut does impress us with their singable songs, sexy synth, and darned groovy vocals. Fire Dream is the kind of fun you want to have when you go to the beach: no bugs or kids, cool drinks, all sun and rhythm and waves. In other words, the album is fun, enjoyable and really quite good.

One of the singles, “Be a God,” is a hyper-dance beat-breaking contraption that serves only groove and send grooves. It’s a great take on passionate love, it works, and it works quite well. The vocals are impeccable and infectious, and it’s one of a few dance beasts on the album. Our next selection is the ballad “People”; with a simple and great guitar + bass hook, this track is more contemplative, a darker take on love falling apart. It states right away, “Maybe it’s hopeless,” a foil to the worshipful kind of love on “Be a God,” and we love how dynamic Ryder Bach’s and Alina Cutrono’s songs are. The remainder of the album is strong, even though those are the two clear standouts, and in third place comes the screamin’ dance beat on “Wash Over Me.” Just blastin’.

If you like 80s interpretation on your modern pop, we strongly suggest picking up Body Parts. Unlike picking up actual body parts, you’ll find this fun, creative, and a pure rush. Unless you’re still coming off hard from your Dexter fix, in which case we still suggest you try this album out; recommended.

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