Some of you who are especially astute may have noticed something different about the website. Look close. Closer. No, back up a bit, you’re going to hit your forehead. It’s at the top: we’ve got a dedicated fan page on Facebook! Why is this, you may ask? Well, we’re going to release our collection of short stories and poems sometime this year, and we’re making space for you to enjoy/ponder/criticize and despise said stories. Go check it out! We’ve got a couple stories posted up there right now, and hopefully they’ll foment discussion such as: what is the proper way to execute a heinous criminal. And: what is that stuff they use to clean everything in a barbershop. All kinds of things you’ll learn (though not that last answer)! Check back there for updates, because when we get the final draft, we’ll be GIVING IT AWAY before sale! So be the first on the ground floor, though don’t slip to get there! Now go and like us because we like you. Really. Thanks!

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