Welcome back! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? This past week has been personally busy… blah blah blah, like y’all really care. You’re here for the Green River Fest wrap-up, right? Good. The right place, this is. We’re going to start at the campsite for Sunday. This conjunto was quite a pleasant morning surprise (photos (C) Matthew Keefer): There’s too many of them! Upstate Rubdown giving folks the low-down. Upstate Rubdown outta New York State gave the campers a good wakey-wakey on Sunday. There were eight of them, and if you count real carefully, you’ll notice we missed their acoustic guitarist (who would beRead More →

Hello y’all and everyones.So we’re going to continue our Green River Festival review today, a day later than planned, but a day earlier than what was likely going to happen (due to procrastination). Sorry for the delay! When we last encountered our festival-going hero, the clouds were in the sky on a Friday night, threatening the sanctity of a good set of funk. The threat receded, and now we’re back to catch a whole new day, a whole new set of photos (all (C) Matthew Keefer) and wholly new acts (to us) such as: Lula Wiles, way before the rain. This trio of young ladies,Read More →

We’re still recovering from the Green River Festival in Greenfield, MA this past weekend. Two and a half days and three stages of pure, unadulterated music at the Greenfield Community College. It was… draining, yes. But certainly worthwhile. So as tired as this ragged body may be, we hope y’all give us some leeway with our first day of the GRF post-coverage. We’re not going to be graceful, organized, or even coherent. But we will have pictures! (And all pictures (c) Matthew Keefer.) Pictures like this one, of jazz/funk master Charles Neville. Charles Neville, in “more cowbell” mode. One of the covers he and hisRead More →

Greenfield, MA: July 8-10, 2016. $120 for two and a half days of music. Pure. Unadulterated. Music. And it’s a quite good lineup. Very good. Exceptionally good. Check it HERE. So we suspect you might’ve missed those early bird tickets. No matter, this is still an excellent price (especially if you don’t feel like getting scalped for the Newport Folk Festival). But here’s who we’ve come to talk about: Kearney and Davis and funky shades. (c) not us We’ve been talking mostly about the Saturday lineup, because we’re most familiar with those artists, but on Sunday comes this lass (and gent): Bridget Kearney and BenjaminRead More →