Greenfield, MA: July 8-10, 2016. $120 for two and a half days of music. Pure. Unadulterated. Music. And it’s a quite good lineup. Very good. Exceptionally good.

Check it HERE.

So we suspect you might’ve missed those early bird tickets. No matter, this is still an excellent price (especially if you don’t feel like getting scalped for the Newport Folk Festival). But here’s who we’ve come to talk about:

Kearney and Davis and funky shades. (c) not us

We’ve been talking mostly about the Saturday lineup, because we’re most familiar with those artists, but on Sunday comes this lass (and gent): Bridget Kearney and Benjamin Lazar Davis. Oh yeah, you say, Bridget Kernie, and good ole Benji. *looks of utter confusion*

Don’t worry, we’ll help – Kearney is the bassist for Lake Street Dive. And on their latest full-length Side Pony, Kearney pens almost all the songs we love the most off it (“How Good it Feels, “Hell Yeah,” and this brilliant, brilliant pop gem), even our favorite “Seventeen” off their 2014 Bad Self Portraits. So in summation, she’s one of our favorite current songwriters.

The duo have an easily google-able EP that we strongly suggest you check out. But more than that, we suggest you check them out live, which we most certainly intend to do. At Green River Fest. Again, Sunday July 10. And check out all the other bands, because this lineup is to kill for.

Or at least it’s to pay $120 and not go to jail for. Yeah. We’d advise that. Catch you in a month and a half!

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