Many sorries for the wait! Things came up, then other things came up after those, and so on and so forth: until the whole thing was one waiting carousel. Apologies!We promised you a photo gallery of the Newport Folk Fest, and now here it is. Without further ado… Rainy Friday at FASP. Copyright Lauren Burke Friday morning: Last Bison. Copyright Lauren Burke A Mountain Goat on Friday. Copyright Lauren Burke Father John Misty on Saturday. Copyright Julie Markowitz Also Sat.: Justin Townes Earle. Copyright Julie Markowitz Lumineers in the crowd on Sunday. Can you spot them? Copyright Julie Markowitz Wow! What a blast! Thanks forRead More →

The Newport Folk Fest is an exceedingly difficult festival to cover, considering there are three main stages, two sub-stages, a little indentation in the fort for other acts… it’s just a lot to cover. Trying to catch it all is nigh-impossible, or maybe wholly impossible. That’s probably more accurate. So we’ve come up with a top five moments of the festival that we caught – if only we were an army of people planting down at each stage. Like NPR. Actually, you can still probably catch a lot of this stuff online, though unfortunately it is a tad less live. Anyway, let’s start off withRead More →

Our photographer is a bit more traveled than we are; she tells us of the wonders of the Beale Street Music Festival: rain, mud, general ruckus. By which we mean copious booze (and various smokables), drunks, total craziness… in short, one heck of a wild party. But we wouldn’t know. We’ve never been.Friday was a rainy day, mud and grumpy weather. People kept wearing these: Another beautiful day! Copyright Lauren Burke but didn’t wear their crazy-masks. Or Victorian makeup or viking helmets or things like that, just there was no (or very little) craziness. No drunks shouting “Free Bird.” They were quite sober, we assureRead More →

We’re sorry, they’re almost all sold out! The Newport Folk Fest has been on a run these past couple years, and it’s a good thing they expanded their lineup to include Friday again, cause that’s all that’s left right now. In years past, Friday was reserved for a single group in the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, and that’s likely what will happen again this year. This is the reason we haven’t included a picture; who’s it going to be? There’s already Jim James and Andrew Bird announced for the Festival, but we don’t even know which days they’ll be on; will one ofRead More →