We’re sorry, they’re almost all sold out! The Newport Folk Fest has been on a run these past couple years, and it’s a good thing they expanded their lineup to include Friday again, cause that’s all that’s left right now. In years past, Friday was reserved for a single group in the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, and that’s likely what will happen again this year. This is the reason we haven’t included a picture; who’s it going to be? There’s already Jim James and Andrew Bird announced for the Festival, but we don’t even know which days they’ll be on; will one of them hold a solo concert on Friday? Will it be some as-yet unannounced group? ACK, THE PAIN!!

It’s an even harder sell than our previous post, because we can assume their Sat and Sun lineup is always good. But will you like Friday? We don’t know. We’re hoping those in charge will make an announcement on who’ll play Friday in time for y’all to get tickets, but we can’t guarantee that. Still, the venue is a great place and past musicians have included BRIAN WILSON (yes, he’s a bit weird), and Wilco, so yeah, big names. You probably won’t have to worry about flipping the tickets if it’s not your thing. Our suggestion? Keep an eye on Friday; follow the NFF on Facebook and/or Twitter, as that’s where they’re making their announcements on the Fest. We suspect it’ll sell out as soon as they land someone for Friday SO KEEP AN EVER-GLARING EYE ON THEM ACK THE PAIN AGAIN. Hopefully they won’t sell out before that, but we don’t have a whole lot of info on these tics right now.

Hopefully you got your weekend passes, and we’ll see you in too many several months!

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