Chain Gang of 1974 – “White Guts”
Golden Gold
-out April 27
4 / 5

The pure, blissful retro glee of the opener “STOP!” rides this Denver-based funk- contraption of club music all the way through. Chain Gang’s debut album is, in one word, hypodiscofunkatelikinetic; meaning, its pure drive and energy are enough to fuel several rocket ships and put you on the moon. We’re not going to lie and tell you these are the deepest of songs, lyrics that’ll get you wondering about life, the universe, and everything (to quip Douglas Adams), but Chain Ganger Kamtin Mohager knows the crowd he’s playing to, and those who appreciate a good night clubbing on the town will be inundated with deep beats, catchy choruses, and an explosion of electronic effects. While it should be noted this album has explicit lyrics (especially in another favorite, “F’n Head”), you’d probably want to put the kids to bed when you’re out on the town. Our only real remorse here in grading the album are some of the more repetitive choruses, especially on “Hold On,” which paces a little over eight minutes. That and we want to leave room for the next album’s improvements. Highly recommended.

Listen to “STOP!” :

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