Nigel Thomas – Travelling Man
Keo Records
– out now
3.5 / 5

Nigel Thomas has come by our blog a few times, previously in the form of The Foxes. And while he’s haunted about in the background, we’ve finally gotten unlazy and decided to review this Londoner’s solo album Travelling Man. How best to describe? Perhaps this way: a Ben Folds-ish vocal range and color minus Folds-ian cheekyness. Slant it a little more pop, a dash more supporting guitar. The sum result? A good (not quite great) album that you’ll enjoy sitting down with in the car.

Giving Travelling Man a current listen while writing this up, we’re not quite sure where to steer you; each track of the ten is polished, well put-together, well-balanced and pretty good stuff. We think we should start with the instrumentally heavier “Ghosthunter,” which swaggers with a confident rock groove. Our main criticism of this track, and many others, is that these songs lyrically don’t quite stick in the mind the way the melodies do. So while we have quite a handful of well-crafted tracks, we don’t quite find ourselves singing along entranced. Nonetheless, songs like “Drift” and “5476 Miles” hit us pleasantly, and even without us backing up on Mr. Thomas’ vocals, these songs come and, yes, drift by well.

A strong step in a good direction; a solid, though not quite brilliant listen. Recommended.

Stream his new album on Soundcloud. And then stream it again.

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