Wow! Luck to you guys; here’s another freebie out there by Running in the Fog. What to expect (should we spoil it…?) well, consider it space-pop with ethereal female vocals. Enough description and blabbing about, we know what you really want – other than lawyers, guns, and money – that link is right here.
Tell us what you think! And if you like it, be sure to pass it along! Laters,

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  1. Oooh, melikey. I love the strange feel to it. I'm going to dedicate a listening sesh to them!

    I wonder if you would be interested in today's article, which discusses the merits of album re-releases – worth it or not?

    Do take a look round the rest of the site, to see what we're all about! =D


    ~The Phonograph

  2. Thanks for the link Mei! Not a bad article, but because I listen to a lot of older jazz, I usually like the rereleases. Not quite a purist, I know, but those old analogs (I feel) make good use of the remastering; there're also usually some more tracks and outtakes that guys in the vault dig up. I feel that rereleases are most useful for the older stuff – analog recorded, esp. – and will eventually fade as physical material wanes. But as long as there's a physical format, and I feel there will always be demand for one, even if small, then there will always be a use for, and a need for rereleasing albums. Just my two bits. Thanks!

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