Rose Melberg – “Homemade Ship”
K Records
-due out Sept. 22

Melberg’s third solo record is a slight bit of gentle enchantment. It’s a modest little record, composed mostly of acoustic guitar, her vocals and harmonies, and rather simple songs. But these songs are pleasant, enjoyable, and quiet in a deep and somewhat meditative way; “Things that We Do” in someone else’s hands may come off too saccharine, but the simplicity and lack of embellishment is refreshing and enjoyable. “Old Days” is a more somber and fulfilling course in supporting guitar and gorgeous harmonies. At times, it is difficult to pin down exactly what makes this album a pleasure; it is not “exciting,” yet the melodies enthrall; it doesn’t sway, but it moves softly. This album won’t get you up on the dance floor, nor may it get you up and moving, but if you find yourself locked in on a rainy day, there is little better way than to spend it with Melberg’s peaceable voice; it is a rare album and a rare gem. Recommended.

Listen to “Things that We Do”:

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