Band of Skulls – “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey”
Artist First
-due out July 28

We’ve come to expect a lot from the Brits: funny accents, crooked teeth, and their famous cultural restraint. Band of Skulls is a bit more reminiscent of White Stripes in their harder indie-stylings, and they yield some results: “I Know What I Am,” which almost has a classic-rock straightforward grind, and “Honest,” which diverges from the rest of the album with a beautiful acoustic solemnity.
Yet, in their music, there is some restraint keeping them from out-and-out jam and instrumental breakouts, which seems appropriate at several points throughout the album (the otherwise solid “Impossible” comes to mind). The songs here are still good, but without a bit of wildness, they don’t quite surprise enough, don’t bring a sense of awe and wonder that music is about, that this band seems capable of. Definitely check out the two tracks above and “Blood,” with a good space-instrumental and solo; if you still need your curiosity satisfied, try for the rest of it. Otherwise, not enough highs for the dollar (or pound, as it may be). Beautiful cover, though.

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