Dutch Uncles – Big Balloon
Memphis Industries
– out Feb. 17
4 / 5

We’re going to try a different approach for Manchester, England based quartet Dutch Uncles here. Their latest full-length, Big Balloon, is number five in their full-length discography. We’ve covered #3 – 2013’s Out of Touch in the Wild – which you can read right here. We also had to follow up with them in 2015 on their fourth full-length O Shudder (also read our review right here). If there’s something you, our readers, might have noticed about our reviews of Dutch Uncles’ last three albums, they’re all good, solid albums, at 4 / 5. (Four of five whats? Ponies, oz. of honey, orangutans? Just 4 / 5, accept it for what it is.)

In any case, yes, Big Balloon is another 4 / 5. These last three albums, Dutch Uncles have delivered, have been dynamic enough not to repeat themselves, but not quite inventive enough to really – we mean REALLY – knock it out. Big Balloon is by no means a disappointment, gosh no, and it’s certainly worth your money. But we strongly suspect that within the next two albums after Big Balloon, they’re really REALLY going to knock it out.

Right now, Dutch Uncles have proven to us they know their method, they know the studio. Currently, they’ve only really toured England extensively. What we’re hoping for from the Uncles is an album, a truly great one, that hits 4.5 / 5 or better, one that’ll give them a real crossover boost into the US market. And do we think it’s possible? Yes, absolutely. Our Vegas (or really, RMMM) odds? About 80% chance in the next two albums.

So what exactly are we saying here? If you’re that hipster douchebag who always needs to be on the ground floor of a “new indie band,” here’s your shot. Brush up on these guys, you’ll enjoy, and in a couple albums, when everyone’s talking about them, you can flood the streets with your excessive douchiness and mention their back catalog and how you “knew these guys were gonna hit it.” You’re welcome. Send a check our way (or just donate on the Paypal button on the right side here).

Big Balloon = recommended. And absolutely, keep an eye on these guys for the next album or two.

Start buying their merch on their official site right here, ya monstrous indie douchebag.

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