Noah and the Whale – “Last Night on Earth”
Island Def Jam
-out March 15
3.5 / 5

London’s pop quartet sends out an uplifting album rife with tender melodies, handclaps, and general cheeriness. Their third full-length, “Last Night on Earth,” cements Noah and the Whale’s ability to craft enjoyable choruses filled with bright instrumentation and a general upbeat attitude. Now, let’s be very clear: depressing is good. We like depressing. But that’s not to say Noah and the Whale hasn’t done a fantastic job on “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.,” the clear single here, as well as on the rest of the album. That track, on which one of the characters is a rather lascivious waitress, is more infectious than the diseases she likely carries (yes, it’s a good track, though we’re not doing it justice). “Last Night” is one of those albums that makes it easy to enjoy music: straightforward, fun, and definitely recommended.

Listen to “Life is Life” and “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” on a really cool website.

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