The Seedy Seeds – “Verb Noun”
-out now
3/ 5

Cincinnati’s electro-pop trio The Seedy Seeds know how to make good music. Check out the dense “Ethel” or “Nomenclature,” a soothing, harmony-laden chill-back-and-sway-to-it song. Then why aren’t we recommending this particular album? Excellent question: as a whole, “Verb Noun” falls a bit short of the expectations built up in the first three tracks. “Hey Exponent,” an instrumental track, is bland as a biscuit, and the title track, despite it’s NPR accolades, isn’t all that special. Why not special, then? Another excellent question; gut instinct. Perhaps it’s the lack of vocal variation and a need for just a bit more energy that negates the excellent bridges, the banjo and strings. That’s not to say we won’t be blown away by their next album, as there is definite potential here, but two in the bush isn’t the one in the hand. Get those recommended tracks and cross your fingers for their next.

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