Karen O and the Kids – “Where the Wild Things Are” (Soundtrack)
Interscope Records
-out now
4 / 5

With a fuller version of her excitable Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O would seem like the exact opposite of the person you’d want to make a soundtrack for a famous children’s book adaptation. But here she plays dead on, with playful, organic music that both adults and children will enjoy. Her second album released this year, she loses no steam in conducting a fuller orchestra, bringing an incredible innocence by utilizing a children’s chorus, fingersnaps and claps, and acoustic instruments. Performances on the simple and somber “Worried Shoe” and on “Hideaway,” which is a personal favorite (next to “All is Love”), are all spot-on, capturing the simplicity of childhood as well as capturing the listener, who cannot help but to identify with Karen O’s music, regardless of age. Providing all the songs on this soundtrack, Karen O’s music on “Wild Things” plays almost as well as the original book, and many parents will find themselves likewise wanting to share this music with their young cubs. A treat, a fun gem, and definitely recommended.

Listen to “Hideaway”: www.myspace.com/453173424

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