Hello adoring and adorable fans,Scheduled to post today was an interview with Trampled by Turtles, but it looks like it might have to push back to later in the week (which means Portugal. The Man will post later, too). Somehow, I’m going to have to fit in The Flaming Lips’ review (“Embryonic” comes out today!) at some point. Ugh! I wish things would work out a bit better! Oh well, c’est la vie…Hang tight! I’ll stay up all night if I have to get you something!-MgmtRead More →

Tigercity – “Ancient Lover”Tigercity-due out Oct. 204 / 5 Tight shiny pants and large golden rings prevail on Tiger City’s latest release. “Fake Gold” opens up and sets the tone: classic rock guitar, male falsetto, synth, and a sultry swagger. From the decade that brought us faux wood station wagons and Cling-ons, Tiger City has infused their nostalgia with a modern temperament and straight groove. That’s a good thing here, as their effort yields several strong tracks, including the title track, which feels will take you back to your high school close dance memories, and “Quicksand,” which might have come off the pop radio decadesRead More →

Hello fellow music-abusers,Just going to warn you that I’m going to move into concert reviews as well; unfortunately, they’ll be restricted to my immediate range of motion (and how much gas I can put in my car). Expect to hear from Deer Tick and hopefully others soon. Benefits from such a policy:You’ll get an idea if the band’s that good in person. If you were unaware, there is a huge difference between a live band and a studio band; think the difference between eating oranges and orange jello.(The jello will also be shaped like oranges).Negatives: It’ll obviously be after the fact. You’ll have to catchRead More →

Glass Ghost – “Idol Omen”Western Vinyl-due out Oct. 27 With vocals and a sensibility akin to Blonde Redhead, Glass Ghost creates sparse, vaporous songs on their debut. The tracks are, indeed, ghostly with a touch of haunting vocals, but what holds the band back is the same sparseness of the tracks; Ghost has no difficulty in creating a mood, but find trouble with fleshing it out. “The Same” suffers from this, feeling emotionally empty even with several electronic effects. “Time Saving Trick” and “Like a Diamond” succeed best on this album, both because they are filled with more traditional instruments, and also because of theirRead More →